Dynamic configuration

Dynamic configuration allows to apply changes without a need to restart Lenses.


More about providing and updating the license.


Starting from Lenses 5.0, all core services in Lenses are managed by Connections. It applies to:

Managing connections 

Connections might be managed (created, updated or deleted) without restarting Lenses, any changes are applied immediately after the connection is changed.

Connections might be managed:

  • Through graphical user interface (Admin ➡ Connections).
  • Directly via API.
  • With Lenses CLI provision sub-command.

Some types of connections have additional limitations (for example: there might be at most 1 Kafka connection).

All information specific for a given connection type can be found in dedicated subpages, e.g. Kafka brokers.

Testing a connection 

When creating (or editing) a connection with GUI, there is a connectivity test executed before saving the connection. It allows to check whether connection’s configuration is correct and whether Lenses is able to properly connect to third-party software.

Also there is a dedicated API endpoint to test connection configuration. See API documentation.