5.2 releases 

Known issues 

  • The “conditions” part of an alert is ignored when importing alert settings from Lenses versions 5.2 and higher. This will be fixed in a subsequent release.

5.1 releases 

New Features 

  • Datasets can be listed with the dataset list subcommand. For Kafka topics, filtering by compaction status and emptiness is supported;
  • Management of connections is now possible using tailored subcommands under connections. Examples of such subcommands include kafka, kafka-connect, etc. Connections can be listed, tested for validity, updated and deleted. Whereas previously this required JSON API structures passed to the CLI, now every attribute of a connection has a corresponding CLI flag.
  • New ARM64 builds for all supported architectures (Windows, macOS, Linux) and also linux/arm64 docker image


  • An incompatibility between the CLI and API in the query command has been resolved.

5.0 releases 

New features 

Support for 5.0 dynamic configuration and provision command.

4.3 releases 


Fix issue when updating policy with file Fix create/update policy bug (flags vs. file)


Fix groups get cmd so that it returns the same payload Fix processors cmd output for name parity between YAML and JSON


Fix –debug flag when using –token Fix import acls bug


Fix error output when host/user/pass is wrong Bump cloud-sdk image Fix import processors when processor exists


Add support for custom token when creating a new Service Account Fix import command from parsing hidden files/folders and non-YAML files Add envsubst to image tools


Refactor import topics to perform an update only when a diff is found