Enabling approval requests

Approval Requests

You can use the approval requests to stay on top of the topic creations. This is particularly useful to multi-tenant environments with increased governance.

Required permission 

Approvals / ViewAdminTo view requests
Approvals / ManageAdminTo approve or reject requests
Create Topic RequestNamespaceTo create a request for a new Kafka topic in your namespace

The governance for requests is global, which means that users authorized to manage the request can approve or reject any request. However, the request creation is governed by the respective namespace. For example, you may have direct creation of a topic in a namespace and request in another.

Access Management & permissions

Enable requests for users 

To enable request creation for users you need to align the associated permission to the namespaces.


In the example bellow users on this group can fully manage Kafka topics starting with shipping and create requests for topics starting with payments

approval requests namespaces to Lenses.io

Manage requests 

To approve or reject a request navigate to the Admin and Requests

approval requests namespaces to Lenses.io

While users creating a request they may include information about the expected production and consumption so to help the approvers understand if there is going to be an impact on their cluster capacity.

Click the View action to go through the request details:

approval requests namespaces to Lenses.io

Once the request is approved the action will be executed and the topic will be created.

When rejecting a request you can document the reason

approval requests namespaces to Lenses.io


How can I see my requests?

To view requests users need the Approval / View permission. Currently the requests are under global governance, so you can view all requests given the permission.

Can I cancel a request?

You cannot cancel a request as part of this version. You can either reject it, or contact the administrator.

Do I get notified when a request is approved or rejected?

There is not associated notifications or alerts to the requests at this point. We are working on expand this feature so that both requesters and reviewers have a better indication on the requests.