Configuration & logs


Elements of Lenses are configured via the configuration file - lenses.conf.

You can review some of these elements in the UI by navigating to Admin and then Lenses Configuration. Not all the configuration options are visibile to the UI. Follow the Configuration Options Reference to configure Lenses.

config page to


Lenses emits all logs as an unbuffered stream of events at stdout. Logs are also available in the /logs folder in rotating files.

Users can quickly navigate to the logs via the UI by navigating to Admin and then Lenses Logs. You can see application logs and performance metrics.

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Log filtering 

You can search and also quickly filter the logs by level, to quickly identify any issues.

Filter Lenses Logs by Level

Performance logs 

You can also look into performance logs, by selecting the Lenses metrics view on the top right:

Performance / Metrics Logs

Log settings 

Lenses uses logback to define the log format and other options. To change any settings review the reference documentation