Creating, deleting and updating

Create new topics 

You can only create topics to the appropriate namespace you are authorised to. To add a new topic, access the Data Explore page and click on the Create Topic button:

Create Kafka Topic

Create with SQL

Lenses SQL supports managing Topics via SQL for example, CREATE TABLE, DESCRIBE TABLE, DROP TABLE etc.. which you can run in SQL Studio.

Here is an example:

CREATE TABLE customer (id string, address.line string, string, address.postcode int, email string)
FORMAT (string, json)
PROPERTIES (partitions=1, compacted=true)

Lenses SQL

Create with CLI

$ cat topicName.yml

name: topicName
replication: 2
partitions: 4
  max.message.bytes: "1000010"

$ lenses-cli topic create ./topicName.yml

Lenses CLI

Create new topic requests 

Depending on your permission you may be allowed to request topic creation: The Topic Request also happens from the catalog on Explore in 2 steps:

Firstly, add your topic desired configuration

Topic request1

and secondly, add some context for the request approver ie. on capacity:

Topic request2

Deleting topics 


Updating topics 


Increasing topic partitions 

You can increase the number of partitions in an existing topic. If you perform this action it cannot be reversed. It is not possible to decrease the number of partitions. Resizing a topic may impact your consumers or producers.

To increase the topic partitions, select Add Partitions from the Actions on your topic:

Add partitions

Data formats 


Topic configurations 


Add metadata 

Kafka Topics are also treated as a dataset which means that additional metadata can be added to your topics such as tags and descriptions.

Metadata add

See more on adding metadata

Bulk deletes 

Lenses allows you bulk delete topics. Select the topics you want to delete and then the delete action. The topics will then be deleted in sequence.

Bulk delete