Create Keytab: Azure HDInsight ESP Kafka


How can I create a keytab for Azure HDInsight Kafka


If you do not have a keytab, follow the steps below to create one

  • Login to a HDInsight node
  • Type ktutil

While within ktutil shell, type:

    addent -password -p principal-user -k 1 -e RC4-HMAC

Type the password of the principal-name

Once you have typed your password, it is time to create the keytab, for that

    wkt /etc/principal-name.keytab

Then exit ktutil by typing q

Example creating a keytab 

    addent -password -p lenses-admin -k 1 -e RC4-HMAC
    Password for lenses-admin@LENSES.IO:

    wkt /etc/lenses-admin.keytab

Verify your keytab before you deploy 

Ensure that the principal has been written in the keytab successfully

First enter ktutil again and type

    read_kt lenses.keytab
    slot KVNO Principal
    ---- ---- ----------------------
    1    1    lenses-admin@LENSES.IO
Last modified: July 3, 2024