The current version of Lenses is v3.1.

For Lenses Enterprise, you will need to obtain a trial key or have a purchased license. Request your free trial here.
The download link for the software will be sent via email to the individuals who have registered for an enterprise setup.


Lenses is available as a Linux (64bit) tar.gz archive.


For Docker, Kubernetes or OpenShift environments a Docker container for Lenses is available:


To deploy Lenses into Kubernetes or OpenShift, a Helm chart is available:

Lenses Box

Lenses Box is a FREE Development sandbox, which contains all the required services preconfigured in a Docker container.

Download Lenses Box here. To view additional information and options, please read our Documentation.

Lenses for Clouds

Find out about supported clouds

Multi Cluster

Multi Cluster is a single global portal, one can now monitor the health and access a larger set of Kafka deployments across any environment.

Download Multi Cluster here.

Other Downloads

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