Release Notes


London, UK - March 30, 2019 Lenses v2.3 is now generally available

What’s New in 2.3

  • New Views functionality for table based engine
  • User Defined Aggregation Functions (UDAF) support
  • New powerful Date Math expressions
  • Continuous feedback on aggregated queries on the table based SQL engine.
  • Support for HAVING syntax in the table based SQL engine
  • Service metrics exposed via secured JMX connections are now supported
  • Services metrics exposed via Jolokia are now supported
  • Aggregations in topic live queries
  • Stream Reactor release with new Hive Source and Hive Sink (with Parquet and ORC file format)
  • Lenses uses Kafka 2.1 client libraries
  • Avro date time fields are returned in a human readable value when SET format.timestamp=true is used

Cloud support in 2.3


Lenses supports all distributions of Apache Kafka newer than 0.11. We spent a lot of time with our partners to provide you with the best Cloud experience with this new release


  • Performance improvements for clusters with a large number of topics
  • General performance improvements which lead to faster time loading the UI screens, better scaling on table based queries.
  • Lenses CLI support for secrets for managing Kafka Connect via Vault (by Hashicorp) or KeyVault (Azure)
  • SQL - In addition to YESTERDAY and TOMORROW functions, now you can also use NEXTWEEK, LASTWEEK, NEXTMONTH and LASTMONTH functions.
  • SQL - Added UNIX_TIMESTAMP function, to converts a given date into the timestamp as a long.
  • SQL - Added support for UUID types to Avro.
  • SQL - SHOW USERS, SHOW GROUPS, DESCRIBE GROUP group functions are now supported.
  • Better UX when topics have long names
  • SQL studio screen allows for a table refresh (avoids refreshing the entire page)
  • Use configuration to drive the SQL table engine default settings via lenses.sql.settings
  • Better way to identify STRING payload format for Kafka topics
  • Streaming SQL is using the replication.factor for the intermediary created topics
  • The SQL studio screen was taking a long time to display the Kafka topics on clusters with large number of topics


  • SQL streaming cast exception on primitive types
  • Topic timestamp as human readable regression (_meta.timestamps > ‘2019-03-28 12:22:00’ is possible again)
  • Tabled based SQL gives a proper error when comparing invalid types
  • Creating topics via the SQL syntax and using decimal fields
  • Alerts settings can be changed only by users in groups having AlertsWrite permission
  • Insert data via the topics screen correctly errors on JSON storage format when the payload is not a valid JSON
  • Tabled based SQL returns empty arrays
  • Topology screen correctly resizes the details panel with browser window resize
  • Dashboard under-replicated partitions value reflects the correct information
  • Kafka Brokers service page list topics based on the user whitelist/blacklist settings.
  • JMX metrics is not reachable is not showed on the Zookeeper status page when the information is actually available
  • Adding consumer lag alerts forces the user to provide a group and topic as opposed to set them to undefined
  • Principal field validation prevents setting an empty value when setting an ACL
  • Updating a connector name the UI correctly changes to the newly updated connector page.
  • Connectors page does not hide the re-balance tooltip behind the application header
  • The connectors menu is highlighted correctly when the user is managing the connectors
  • Data policies filter render correctly
  • Audits page collapse button works correctly
  • Schema compatibility was not updated correctly if the Update button was clicked within 500ms
  • Topology can handle closed loop graphs
  • Table based SQL in obscure scenarios was not correctly handling functions in the WHERE clause
  • Managing the Kafka ACLs for TRANSACTIONAL_ID and IDEMPOTENT_WRITE resources
  • Creating a topic with message.timestamp.type was returning an error

2.3.1 Patch Release


London, UK - April, 2019 Lenses v2.3.1 is now generally available


  • High CPU usage when Lenses configuration does not include a Kafka Connect cluster (typical when you are not using Kafka Connect

to move data in and out of Kafka.)

2.3.2 Patch Release


London, UK - April, 2019 Lenses v2.3.2 is now generally available


  • Data policies support for obfuscating numbers


  • Showing the topic is compacted (regression)
  • Obfuscation for Avro enum fields was not applied
  • Inserting records via SQL errors when dealing with decimal fields
  • Closed loops SQL processors were causing the UI to not render

2.3.3 Patch Release


London, UK - May, 2019 Lenses v2.3.3 is now generally available


  • Allow decommission of all types of apps in the Topology
  • Table SQL should handle AVRO with array as payload object
  • Intellisense should suggest system tables
  • Streaming SQL UUID function should not return the same value
  • Topology does not process some entries with error too much recursion