Release Notes


London, UK - March 19, 2020, Lenses 3.1 is now generally available

If you are upgrading from an older version, make sure to check the Upgrade Notes.

What’s New

  • Connections Lenses provides a connection manager in order to securely manage connection details for external services.
  • Alerts integrations with external services Lenses supports secure channels configuration to allow you fine tuned alerts routing. Integration supports Slack, PagerDuty, DataDog, Alert Manager, CloudWatch and Webhook.
  • Lenses schema editing Users are now able to edit the topics metadata, such as Topic schema and Schema types resulting to increased flexibility for non Avro formats.
  • Increase topic partitions Ability to increase the amount of partitions per topic directly through the Topics screen, or by CLI.
  • Elasticsearch Integration - Preview Feature: SQL on Elasticsearch data. Integration with Elasticsearch connections to enrich the experience when creating end-to-end streaming pipelines to elastic. Create Elasticsearch connections, see inside the indices, run SQL queries on data, get information about the cluster health
  • SAML Single Sign On (SSO) authentication support for Azure
  • Manage consumer offsets for multiple partitions at once, choose between current earliest or latest offset, or specific date and time.


  • All users of BASIC authentication type are able to change their own passwords directly inside Lenses application.
  • Improve the user experience in the connectors list page by adding filters by type/state and adding pagination.
  • UX revamp of Lenses SQL Studio. Cleaner UX, multiple tabs and keyboard shortcuts are introduced.